Layouts in 3D

Layouts done for various Ascend Learning e-learning products in realistic settings. All of these were blocked out in 3D and sketched over. For some environments, I also was responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting and render. Final environments are implemented in Unity using a combination of 3D elements and 2D backdrops. I worked on dozens of these, here are a small selection.


layouts sketches for 2 camera angles of an ICU

Apartment Kitchen

Angle 1 layout sketch of a kitchen for a middle-income family
Angle 2 shot of same kitchen
Materials, textures done by me in Blender, the final result uses the render as a backdrop for game optimization.

Car Conversation

Layout sketch for a conversation shot in a car
This scene has infinite scrolling parallax backgrounds. I textured the interior of the car, painted each layer of the parallax planes, and implemented the scrolling by setting up a simple script in Unity.

College Party

Sketches for different shots at a party.

Teenager’s Room

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